2C-DFC utilizes the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) 

2C-DFC utilizes the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) developed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health services Administration (SAMHSA). SPF assists community coalitions in developing the infrastructure needed for community-based, public health approaches that can lead to effective and sustainable reductions in alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) use and abuse. The five elements are:


  1. Assessment. Collect data to define problems, resources, and readiness within a geographic area to address needs and gaps.


  2. Capacity. Mobilize and/or build capacity within a geographic area to address needs.


  3. Planning. Develop a comprehensive strategic approach that includes policies, programs, and practices creating a logical, data-driven plan to address problems identified in the assessment.


  4. Implementation. Implement evidence-based prevention strategies, programs, policies and practices.


  5. Evaluation. Measure the impact of the SPF and the implementation of strategies, programs, policies and practices.The elements of sustainability and cultural competence—central to community-based approaches—are shown in the center of the graphic indicating their importance to each of the other elements.

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